How do I order?

You will be guided through a secure shopping cart process where a variety of payment processing options will be made available to you.

Are all your items handmade?

Yes. Every item is handmade by me. Even chain is purchased in bulk on a spool, hand-cut and assembled. Earwires are also handmade from quality stainless steel or enameled copper.

Is your jewelry waterproof? Will it fall apart if it get's wet?

While the jewelry images are not "water proof" they are water resistant and will hold up fine if exposed to some water, rain, etc. If they soak in water--such as while swimming--what may happen is that the inks in the image will "run" and altar the clarity of the image. Realizing that accidents happen, if you ever experience water damage to a piece, please contact me for replacement or repair of your item.

I have metal allergies. Can I wear your items?

You are the best judge of how to manage your allergy risk. But, I can reassure that I use pure copper, food grade aluminum, craft-grade tin and quality stainless steel in my work and nothing I use contains lead and nickel. Even the chain is lead and nickel free.

Since your jewelry is handmade, do I have to wait for you to make it before it get's shipped? Does it take a long time to receive things from you?

99% of what is listed in my store is in stock. I've been making jewelry since 2011 so, the majority of components for making each item are already crafted and typically, assembled and ready to ship. I usually ship First Class Parcel which reaches you in 3-5 business days. So, your wait is minimal- usually 7 days from purchase to receiving.

Do you accept returns?

I want you to be happy with your purchase. If it doesn't fit, doesn't suit you when you have it "in person" or anything else is amiss, just contact me to arrange a simple return and refund. You need only pay return shipping.