Wholesale with Faire

I'm delighted to now be partnered with Faire, the online wholesale marketplace for artisans. 

Affordable, quality, handcrafted mixed media jewelry featuring historic themes, classic art, literature and much more.

My line sheet features an ever-growing assortment of selections from my store, offered for a wide variety of retailers, museums and boutiques. 

All items come on a card suitable to be displayed. Necklaces come with the chain bagged and displayed on a retail card. Earrings come with rubber stoppers to secure them to their retail cards. 

All items are lead and nickel free. Natural copper and stainless sheet steel are primary used in my work. The paper images are affixed and finished with a blend of image transfer gels that render the images UV protect, water resistant and quite durable for years of enjoyment.

If any item fails to hold up or perform as it should, contact me at once for a return, refund or replacement. 


Quesitons are always welcome and I look forward to working with you!