Circus earrings Circus Freak Cojoined Twins Circus Jewelry mixed media jewelry

  • $20.00

Paper images are affixed and finished to steel with a product that creates an oil painting like look and texture and renders the images UV protected and water resistant. Steel is lightweight, comfortable and sturdy. Earrings are finished with handcrafted ear wires in your choice of tarnish-free enameled copper or surgical (stainless) steel.
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A word about "Circus Freaks".....

My items featuring folks referred to as "Circus Freak" are meant to honor and remember the people and their struggles. These people are an inspiration. These were people who, usually, had some sort of difference present since birth and overcame terrible odds, building a life for themselves in the face of incredible adversity. People with birth anomalies had painfully few options in the 1800's---the most common being Circus life or an asylum, the latter being the stuff of nightmares.

The Circus, then, became an option to create a family, have some security in the world and some level of acceptance.

These folks, though long gone, can teach us to accept ourselves and others and to rise above whatever we think may hold us back. And to remember that "family" can be the people we choose to have in our lives--who we love and who love us back.

May we all be such "freaks".